3/23/04 "Flesh and the Devil"
5/15/04 "N"
6/22/04 "the man behind the man in the mirror"
8/28/04 "theories of music"
9/8/04 "Do not be yourself"
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9/25/04 "What about Bob Dylan?".
9/30/04 "The Best We Can Do"
10/13/04 "Will Hunting"
10/22/04 "Key Moment (Thom Yorke)"
11/1/04 "Key Moment (Camille Paglia)"
11/2/04 "Key Moment (John Ruskin)"
11/5/04 "Why ask Why?"
11/12/04 "Another Key Moment (C.P.)"
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12/25/04 "Magritte: Follow Your Brain"
1/9/05 "Vermeer's Cuteness Manifesto"
2/9/05 "Art Book Rothko"
UnCurrent Events:
by Christopher Duckett
3/11/05 "All bad poetry is sincere"
4/2/05 "Two Critical Mottos"
5/3/05 "Dylan vs. Donovan"
5/17/05 "Diogenes' Sense of Humor"
5/31/05 "Correggio's Lesson"
7/31/05 "The Bald Red Devil"  -proposed episode of
Curb Your Enthusiasm.
9/10/05 It takes a God to create a “God”: A Review of The “God” Part of the Brain by Matthew Alper

9/15/05 'Fearless Misdiagnosis'

10/14/05 "Daydream Interview"

11/25/05 "Bach's Air"
12/14/05 "Gus Van Sant's Scam"
1/9/06 "Cuteness Continued"
1/24/06 Ricky Fitz' Dancing Bag
1/24/06 "The Cold Shower"
2/28/06 "The Misuse of Murray"
3/17/06 "Free WWIII Marketing Advice"
4/3/06 "The Brain that Wouldn't Die"

4/30/06 "Why not to Vote"
7/31/06 "The Dream Dimension"
8/8/06 "Oppression Beneifits"
10/30/06 "Adder Venom"
11/9/06 "The Compensatory Narcissist"
11/10/06 "If it is Blasphemy..."
3/10/07 "Dwayne's Vow of Silence"
3/10/07 "Getting Political"
1/10/08 Jack White Denounced